Upcoming Speaker

We are excited to have a speaker this Thursday! I know this week’s speaker is excited to share her story and experience with all of us. Here is a brief bio from Ami:

My name is Ami Elrod. I have the privilege of raising and homeschooling our three daughters: Thea 10, Petra 8 & Ivy Joy 6. Andrew, my husband, and I have been married for 11 years. Dallas, TX is currently where we call home, as my husband is finishing his masters of theological studies. We have been working within a ministry setting for three and half years. Our experience ranges from children’s ministry, youth and high school ministry and adult and pastoral care. I have recently finished a degree in Psychology, but for the time being, I invest most of my efforts in homeschooling our children and tutoring with our local co-op. In the past, I have operated my own business in custom jewelry and repair and find it refreshing to fill orders every now and again. I have been a part of MOPS in years past, beginning when my second child was born in ’05 and eventually graduated when my youngest turned 3. I remain dear friends with those I developed relationships with during that time of my life and to this day, I cherish that season. I am on Facebook and those interested can follow my business page at https://www.facebook.com/amiandcompany?ref=hl


Serving Opportunity – Hope House of Colorado

Hope House of Colorado is in need of volunteers this December to help with their annual Christmas Party. Hope House is committed to transforming the lives of teen moms around the world. They house homeless teen moms and their children as well as provide teen moms with numerous services: GED program, college and career support program, mentoring, parenting, life skills, counseling (and the list goes on). Click here to learn more about HH: http://www.hopehouseofcolorado.org.

December 18 is the annual Christmas Party for teen moms and their children. HH is looking for 20-30 volunteers to run booths at this party. This Christmas party is similar to a Harvest Party with numerous booths where the kids play games and earn prizes. Everything needed is provided by HH, they just need your time to set up and man the booths. You are welcome to bring your older children, spouse, or a friend.

Where: Arvada Covenant Church

When: Thursday, Dec 18

Time: 4:30 (Set Up), Party Starts at 5

This is a wonderful opportunity to give back this holiday season. Please consider volunteering. These moms are trying so hard to make a better life for their children and themselves and I know this event will bless and encourage them as well as us.

Please email me to sign up. Feel free to email if you have any questions as well. We will also have a sign up sheet to pass around at our November 20 meeting.

Penny Wars Standings – Week 2

Here are the standings after our second week of Penny Wars:

  1. Red +132
  2. Pink -373
  3. Blue -407
  4. Orange -426
  5. Gold -472
  6. Purple -517
  7. Black –872

Congratulations to the Red Table for maintaining their early lead! Red remains in the positive (despite some tough opposition) while Pink and Blue hold a close second and third place.

A big thank you to all our tables for donating this week. We have raised a total of $73.99 for Life Choices!

Don’t forget to bring your pennies to our November 20 meeting to help put your table ahead!

Operation Christmas Child: 2nd quarter serving & outreach

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child

Through the power of simple shoe box gifts, boys and girls in 130 different countries get to experience God’s love. We will put together shoeboxes made up of school supplies, small toys, and hygiene items along with a $7 donation for shipping and handling.

Shoe boxes will be collected in November to allow enough time for OCC to process them and get shipped to children around the world before Christmas.

Additionally, since we are fortunate enough to be located in the Denver area, we will have a day in December where we can support the processing of the shoe boxes at the Denver warehouse in Aurora.

Play Date Reminder


Our next playdate is at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science tomorrow!

We plan to meet at the museum at 10am.

We would love to see you if you can come! If you can’t make it early, still enjoy the free day with your kiddos – the museum is open until 5pm.

The Details:

  •      Location – Denver Museum of Nature and Science (2001 Colorado Boulevard, Denver 80205)
  •      Date and Time – October 27, 10am
  •      Admission – Free!

Booth Assignments – 2014 MOPS Holiday Bazaar

Vendor spots are FULL!

My apologizes to those who sent in their application and didn’t get a booth this year. Our spots were limited but we look forward to your application next year.

2014 MOPS Holiday Bazaar
November 8th
9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Northern Hills Church
5061 E. 160th Ave.
Brighton, CO 80602

2014 MOPS Holiday Bazaar Vendors and booth assignments:
1. Beautycounter (Tari Holtorf)
2. Norwex (Sue Thomson)
3. Origami Owl (Hannah Elstad)
4. Happy Family Brands (Clelia McVay)
5. Little Guys & Gals (Shelley Barringer)
6. Dove Chocolates (Alta Sturgeon)
7. The Dough Source (Lori Liepold)
8. Beachbody (Tiffany DeLuisi)
9. Arbonne International (Chelsey Crittendon)
10. Basement Beaders jewelry (Connie Warmath)
11. AdvoCare & TL Adventures (Kelly Leffler)
12. Inspirational Design (Jenna Kodra)
13. dōTERRA essential oils (Caroline Lee)
14. ItWorks Global (Sanna Ditolla)
15. Starts with a Mouse Travel (Misty Griffin)
16. Discovery Toys (Julie Olivett)
17. Spirit Love (Rachael Painter)
18. Jamberry Nails (Nicole Atchison)
19. African Textiles (Dawn Grubb)
20. Project: Home (Ugandan goods) (Chelsea Scholfield)
21. Mary Kay & With Grace Doula Service (Anna Marie Stavola)
22. Wildtree (Starla Simmons)
23. Pint Size Projects (Kelley Montoya)
24. VS Made Paracords (Victoria Sandoval)
25. Crafts by Mary S Allen
26. Olivia Tree Bath Products (Rachel Salgado)
27. The Farmer’s Daughter (Kathy Page)
28. Patty’s Pretties (Kathy Page)
29. Priceless Pins (Pamela Price)
30. 2 Girlfriends, LLC (Marilyn Taylor)
31. Wing Strings (Robyn Wing)
32. Personalized Buntings (Abbey Palte)
33. Gallery On-The-Go (Jen Randolph)
34. Honey and Lace, LLC (Amy Bettis)
35. Jenny M’s Quilt Company (Jennifer Lorch)
36. Melissa Cook’s Home Decor (wreaths)
37. Stitches and Signs (Erin Stone)
38. Melaleuca/Live Total Wellness (Sarah Vollmer)
39. Aprons by Courtney (Courtney Adams)
40. Katibug (Kate Holligan)
41. A World Aware (TNell Page)
42. Peck Projects vinyl signs (Chelsea Peck)
43. The Pampered Chef (Judy Snitchler)
44. aDOORable Designs (Kelly Atencio)
45. Heavenly Headwear and Girl Power (Kelly and Lia Granzin)
46. Dz Crochet Creations by Danelle Ortega
47. A Lotta Luck (Paula Lucas)
48. Scentsy (Jodie Judisch)
49. Heritage Makers (Helen Gabbard)
50. Thirty-One-Gifts (Jeanine Mauter)



Moms Night Out Reminder


This is a friendly reminder that our first moms night out is coming up this Friday. We will be watching the movie Moms’ Night Out while enjoying a popcorn bar. This will be a fun night of fellowship and dare I say… freedom for all us mommies! ;)  Hope to see you there!

The details:

*Date: Friday, Oct. 24

*Time: 6:30pm (movie starts at 7pm)

*Location: Northern Hills Church

*No childcare available

*Event is totally free!

Clothing Swap and Share


This Thursday is our Clothing Swap and Share! Tables will be set up in our meeting room with kids clothes and shoes, maternity clothes, and toys for you to look through. This will be a fun day of socializing and “shopping.” Hopefully, we will all find items we need!

If you have items you would still like to donate, feel free to bring them this Thursday. Our tables will be sorted by size, so if you can sort your items ahead of time we can easily add to the tables.

Can’t wait to see you all there as we look forward to a great meeting of fun and fellowship!

ALMOST FULL! – MOPS Holiday Bazaar Vendor Update

Yes, you read that right: we are almost full for the Holiday Bazaar.  We have just a couple 5×10 vendor booths left.
Some people are being asked to “downgrade” to a 5×10 booth to make electrical outlet needs possible.  It’s hardly a downgrade because it’s 10 feet wide and 5 feet deep vs. 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep.  For those who have already paid the upgrade fee, you can write it off as a donation (since this is a MOPS fundraiser) OR we will offer you $5 back on the day of the Bazaar.  ALL booth size is approximate.  The map I will be distributing is NOT to-scale.  Thanks for your understanding!
If you still have an application, we strongly encourage you to hand-deliver it to the church office during office hours: Tuesday-Friday 8:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m. and calling 720.685.1717 before you head over to make sure your envelope gets in the right spot. At this time we can only accept check or cash (no credit cards) and your application to secure your spot.  Thanks for understanding!
As always, you are welcome to mail in your application, but there’s been a couple lost applications in the mail this year.
Once we are at capacity, I will e-mail out booth assignments.  I have put together the first draft & the flow looks great!
Here’s the current list of vendors (in order of securing a booth; this is NOT the booth assignments):
  1. Origami Owl (Corrie Francis)
  2. Jamberry Nails (Nicole Atchison)
  3. Thirty-One-Gifts (Jeanine Mauter)
  4. Heritage Makers (Helen Gabbard)
  5. The Pampered Chef (Judy Snitchler)
  6. Melissa Cook’s Home Decor (wreaths)
  7. Basement Beaders jewelry (Connie Warmath)
  8. Norwex (Sue Thomson)
  9. Starts with a Mouse Travel (Misty Griffin)
  10. Arbonne International (Chelsey Crittendon)
  11. Beautycounter (Tari Holtorf)
  12. AdvoCare (Kelly Leffler)
  13. dōTERRA essential oils (Caroline Lee)
  14. Aprons by Courtney (Courtney Adams)
  15. Peck Projects vinyl signs (Chelsea Peck)
  16. Katibug (Kate Holligan)
  17. Mary Kay & With Grace Doula Service (Anna Marie Stavola)
  18. Heavenly Headwear and Girl Power (Kelly and Lia Granzin)
  19. Little Guys & Gals (Shelley Barringer)
  20. Project: Home (Ugandan goods) (Chelsea Scholfield)
  21. ItWorks Global (Sanna Ditolla)
  22. A World Aware (TNell Page)
  23. Wildtree (Starla Simmons)
  24. Scentsy (Jodie Judisch)
  25. Jenny M’s Quilt Company (Jennifer Lorch)
  26. aDOORable Designs (Kelly Atencio)
  27. crochet by Danelle Ortega
  28. Dove Chocolates (Alta Sturgeon)
  29. Olivia Tree Bath Products (Rachel Salgado)
  30. Discovery Toys (Julie Olivett)
  31. Beachbody (Tiffany DeLuisi)
  32. 2 Girlfriends, LLC (Marilyn Taylor)
  33. Inspirational Designs (Jenna Kodra)
  34. Priceless Pins (Pamela Price)
  35. Crafts by Mary S Allen
  36. Melaleuca/Live Total Wellness (Sarah Vollmer)
  37. African Textiles (Dawn Grubb)

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