Penny Wars Standings

Here are the results after our last meeting…

  1. Blue -542
  2. Pink -803
  3. Black –1125
  4. Red -1158
  5. Orange -1244
  6. Gold -1404
  7. Purple -1800

It was quite the whirlwind of one dollar bills, five dollar bills and ten dollar bills at the last meeting! Congratulations to the Blue table for taking over the lead this week! Our next meeting (April 2) will be the final week of Penny Wars. Bring your spare change to help your table win the war!

As always, a big, big thank you to all of you for your donations. We have raised a total of $380.45 for Life Choices!

Penny Wars Standings

Here are the standings after our last meeting:

  1. Red -198
  2. Purple -654
  3. Blue -743
  4. Gold -774
  5. Black –1089
  6. Pink -1144
  7. Orange -1259

The Blue table put up a good fight, but for now the Red table maintains their lead! So far, we’ve raised a total of $320.10 for life choices – thank you all for your generosity!

See you Thursday!

Penny Wars Standings

Here are the standing after our seventh week of Penny Wars:

  1. Red -599
  2. Purple -644
  3. Gold -772
  4. Pink -1061
  5. Black –1079
  6. Blue -1183
  7. Orange -1272

It has been a tough battle, but the Red Table returns to the top! Congratulations to our Courageous table for pulling out the win this week.

We have raised a total of $285.80 for Life Choices! What a huge blessing our this organization!

Thank you all for your donations!

Our Speaker This Week

It may not look or feel like it, but Spring is coming! With Spring in mind, our speaker is coming to talk organizing just in time for the Spring cleaning season.

Resume Pic

Christina Morton has been a Major Mom Liberator for almost two years, but has been liberating her family and friends from disorganization for much longer. She understands the stress and side effects that come from a disorganized home and life, and working with kids in various capacities for five years allowed her to see the difference organization and routine make in keeping a space livable- and a woman sane! She believes that organization does not have to be tacky or boring; it should show personality, creativity, and style. Her passion is seeing beauty and creativity meet efficiency and functionality in her organization, and she loves finding unique and untraditional storage solutions. She loves working with moms to create solutions that free them up to enjoy their homes and families more!

Major Mom is the largest organizing company in Colorado, with 12 Liberators on staff. This year we will celebrate our 9th anniversary as well as launch our services across the country, beginning with Tulsa, Phoenix, and Chicago. Our founder, Angela Cody-Rouget, was a Major in the United States Air Force and created this company to free busy moms (and individuals) from the stress of disorganization. Our team has the order of the military with the hearts of moms. We have liberated over 975 households and are on a mission to continually add to that number! Visit our website for more information:

Cuddles from the Heart: 3rd quarter serving & outreach

Cuddles from the Heart

Cuddles from the Heart

In March, we will collect new (can be washed, just not used) or homemade blankets of all sizes to be distributed by Cuddles from the Heart at the Children’s Hospital in Denver.

Blankets of various types (fleece no-sew knot blankets, receiving blankets, quilts, throw blankets, crocheted or knitted blankets, etc.) provide comfort and bring a smile and feeling of home to struggling children and their families.

Additionally, one of our crafts will be making blankets to add to our donation.

Penny Wars Standings

Here are the standings after our sixth week of Penny Wars:

  1. Orange -470
  2. Purple -646
  3. Gold -772
  4. Black –1049
  5. Blue -1189
  6. Pink -1258
  7. Red -1605

Total Raised This Week: $86.55

Congratulations to the Orange Table for taking the lead! It was another crazy change up this week with lots of $5 bill sabotages.

A very big thank you to all our tables for donating this week. We have raised a total of $264.53 for Life Choices!

Our Speaker this Week…

Our speaker this week is Mary Vigil! We are so excited that Mary will be sharing with us the next two Mops meeting. We know that God will speak through her to each one of us. Here’s a little about Mary:

Mary was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. She graduated from Colorado Christian University in May 2004. She and her husband Andrew live in Brighton, Colorado with their two children.

Mary is passionate about girls between the ages of 13 and 23. She believes those are the hardest years in a young woman’s life, and an important time in one’s journey to know and love Sweet Jesus. She was created to provide a place for girls to talk about anything and everything that comes with being a girl and with the decision to know, love, and follow Jesus Christ. She is passionate about the fellowship and friendship that comes when these girls gather together.

She thrives on researching the Word to accurately teach the Bible. While openly talking about the issues these girls face, she helps them explore how the Word of God is relevant. The context of her teaching is always love based, as it is her belief that the Bible is not a book of judgment, but rather one of love.

Her ministry, Girls Only Ministry, is a Non Profit public charity that exists to rescue broken girls in high trauma situations and we show love, grace, forgiveness and community to all broken girls between the ages of 13 and 23. They do this by providing shelter, education and a sense of community within a safe environment. Learn more about Girls Only Ministry by visiting their website:

See you all Thursday!

MOPS & POPS Coming Soon!

Mops & Pops 2015

Fun, friends, flap jacks and clean laughs. Bring the husband for a date night, or fly solo, and join us February 27th, 6:30pm.

There will be 20+ raffle prizes and several silent auction items. Dinner will be catered by Flippin FlapJacks and it will be flippin yummy. Stacy and Jeff Pedersen will be entertaining us with a hilarious comedy show. Check out their stuff at Mostly, it’s a greatly deserved night out for you!!

Cost is $8 per person. Raffle tickets will sell for 1-$1, 12-$10, 30-$20. All proceeds go to host this amazing night. Tickets will be for sale the next two Mops meetings, 2/5 & 2/19. If you are unable to make either meeting and need tickets please contact Tracy Andersen

We hope to see you there!!!

Penny Wars Standings

Here are the Penny Wars Standing after our last meeting…

  1. Blue -239
  2. Pink -430
  3. Orange -470
  4. Purple -646
  5. Gold -772
  6. Black –1049
  7. Red -1480

Total Raised: $37.63

Congratulations to the Blue Table for taking the lead! It was quite the change up this week with dollar bills used all around to bring down the tables’ scores. However, we do have two unmarked bags of change that still need to be factored in! We’ll show the bags at our meeting this week so they can be claimed and totaled.

A big thank you to all our tables for donating this week. We have raised a total of $177.98 for Life Choices!

This Week’s Speaker

We are so very excited for our Christmas Tea this Thursday, December 18! We are equally excited that Sharon Sands will be sharing with us. Here is a little about Sharon:


Sharon is so excited to come speak to our group this coming Thursday.

Sharon will tell you that the older she gets, the more she appreciates God’s AMAZING grace! Through some very precious seasons of life, as well as some incredibly dark valleys, the Lord has been so gracious and faithful!

Sharon is well acquainted with the different seasons of life. As a single woman involved in student ministry for 11 years she worked with students in Heidelberg, West Germany, Texas and Arkansas.

At the age of 31, Sharon married a wonderful man and the Lord blessed them with five children.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this Thursday!